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In the world of smart technology, make your home smarter using the Vivint Smart home products. The company provides you many smart products that make your life much easier as well as voguish.

Convert your old and outdated home into an up to date Vivint smart home, where you can control everything by just using your smartphone. You don’t have to rush for every trivial thing to do.

The idea of the Vivint smart home represents the home where you will be able to control the security, temperature and other electrical devices using your smartphone or computer over the internet. This also means that it enables you to control your home anytime, anywhere as long as you are connected via an internet connection.

This article has listed some of the best Vivint smart home products that you should try.

Vivint Sky Panel Security and Home Automation System:

Vivint Sky is an awesome addition in Vivint smart home product list. It’s the second-generation home control system which uses ample sensors in addition to a thermostat. It not only monitors and controls the heating and air-conditioning system of your home, but also door locks, lighting, video cameras, small appliances and security cameras.

The Vivint Sky Panel uses radio frequency (RF), Wi-Fi and Z-Wave technology to communicate with the connected devices and it streamlines the process for users. Mount it on a wall and access it easily via the Vivint Sky app or using the web console.

This touch screen control panel manages almost everything in your home. No matter you are at home, at work or on vacation, you can make sure that the energy is conserved, doors are locked and your home is well monitored.

Vivint Doorbell Camera:

Vivint Doorbell camera is a high-tech alternative to a classic peephole used at old times to see the one on the other side of the door. Instead of catching the attention of an unwanted visitor by running to the door or peeking through the windows, let this Vivint smart home product help you by giving information about everything happening the other side of the door. This small, discrete and virtually unseen doorbell camera keeps an eye on the front door for you.

It works like a standard web cam and displays images to your smartphone or tablet using the Vivint Sky app. With 24/7 visibility, you can see who is coming to call you and provides you the opportunity to answer or ignore the visitor or in case of any danger, alert the authorities immediately.

Vivint Smart Thermostat:

The Vivint smart thermostat makes sure that you face no confusion when raising or lowering the temperature. You just have to follow the easy to read directions on the touchscreen. The touchscreen is designed with an LCD display that enhances the ability to read the display functions clearly. And the backlighting further brings out all the numbers and settings.

The Vivint Smart thermostat can be programmed up to seven days in advance. You can even create different settings at different times for each of seven days with convenience and ease. You can plan the regulation of temperature in your Vivint smart home every hour up to a week in advance. The thermostat is integrated with Z-Wave which is a wireless communication protocol and delivers remote control operations for the thermostat and overall home automation.

Vivint Smart door locks:

Door locks are also included in Vivint smart home product list. They provide automatic door locks with motorized deadbolts and PIN entry and key. These locks features Z-waves to link wirelessly to the Go!Control panel. You can unlock them using the Go!Control, or log into the system remotely using the smartphone apps or any browser and unlock them at a distance.

If someone or you accidentally enter incorrect PIN for three attempts, it triggers the alarm automatically. Such locks are particularly useful if your young child is in the house. You don’t have to worry whether you have forgotten to lock the door or your guest is about to come and you are not nearby, as this will allow you to remotely lock the door or let the family in.

Vivint Garage Door Controller:

As you know Vivint has designed many innovative smart home technology and security products, it should be of less surprise that Vivint also provides intelligently designed garage door controllers. These controllers allow you to monitor and secure your garage from anywhere.

While garage is a great storage space for your vehicles as well as many additional items, it is also a well-known entry-point for burglars. Therefore garage door controller as an important aspect for your home security system is also included in Vivint smart home products list to make your life easier. When used with Vivint Tilt sensor, the door’s status can be monitored from Vivint mobile app or the SkyControl panel.

Vivint Smart home with Amazon Echo:

Amazon Echo - Black (1st Generation)
List Price: $179.99
Price Disclaimer
Vivint has connected its Sky smart home platform to the Amazon Echo, enabling customers to chat with the cloud-based Alexa. Using Amazon Echo, you can check whether doors are locked, whether the garage door is shut, the security system is enabled and can also ask to turn on and dim the lights.

Connect Amazon Echo to Vivint through the Alexa mobile app, and then you will be able to take control of your home using your voice, Vivint’s app or the SkyControl panel.

Cost of a Vivint smart home:

Depending on the type of devices and how many you are installing, Vivint’s top-tier installation costs $99. It is less for smaller installations. And after that, it is a minimum of $60.99/month for the service that includes cloud storage for videos from camera and doorbell (if any), control of your security and temperature and security monitoring.

Vivint is a high-end home protection company that provides smart security. Its $100 wireless systems utilizes home automation to protect you against intruders, help prevent environmental damage and to add convenience to everyday life.

You can find everything in Vivint smart home product list, from a smart doorbell, to thermostats to security systems, each and everything is great. All Vivint systems are professionally installed. And the fact that you can control all the activity using Vivint’s app is amazing. If you own a home and you are able to afford such a costly service, it is pretty amazing. Take a step in making your home a Vivint smart home.

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