The latest Samsung Smart TV Q9F in the United States

Should you buy the latest Q9F QLED Samsung Smart TV in the United States? Let us find out


Key Elements

  • Screen sizes accessible: 65-inch now, 75-inch (US) later in the year,
  • Tuner: Free view HD
  • 4K: Yes
  • HDR: Yes (HDR10, HLG/HDR10+ by means of up and coming firmware refresh)
  • Panel Innovation: LCD with flat edge LED lighting, nearby diminishing and Samsung’s new QLED Quantum Dot innovation
  • Smart TV: Yes, Samsung’s Eden interface
  • Curved: No
  • Dimensions: 1450 x 829.3 x 24.9mm (W x H x D)
  • 3D: No
  • Inputs: Four HDMIs, three USBs, tuner input, Ethernet port, optical computerized sound yield, PCMCIA space, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Price: $5,999 (65-inch variant)

Smart TVs have succeeded in grabbing people’s attention since their inception. People from all around the World are eager to get one it goes for the people of West Virginia in the United States as well. Samsung is the most favorite TV brand, people somehow rely on Samsung when it comes to Smart TV innovation. This article will help the people of West Virginia specifically and the United States generally, is the new Smart TV from Samsung Q9F QLED worth it or not.

The Samsung Smart TV is marginally more profound than most we see nowadays as well, with its glimmering metallic sides fortifying the solid impression. It will not speak to enthusiasts of the present pattern for ultra-thin outlines of Samsung Smart TV yet we by and by believing it is quite beautiful in a dubious cyberpunk sort of way.

The 65-inch Samsung Smart TV Q9F likewise goes to uncommon lengths to protect the honesty of its ultra-insignificant plan by not just keeping the greater part of its associations on an outside box yet in addition interfacing that crate to the TV by a solitary ultra-thin, practically straightforward fiber optic link.

The new smart remote control is a truly seemingly insignificant detail as well. It looks and feels beautiful with its metallic silver finish and minimal button count, making it an appropriately premium accomplice for such an unashamedly top of the line TV.

Indeed, even the external connections box is elegant in its shiny dark finish- and it’s all around prepared as well, gloating features of four HDMI 2.0a ports, three USBs and incorporated Wi-Fi. The main thing that may disturb some is the absence of an earphone port; as with Samsung’s premium 2016 TVs you can just utilize Bluetooth earphones with this Samsung Smart TV, in any case.

It took a moment to arrive, yet Samsung would now be able to assert a truly solid Samsung Smart TV engine with its most recent “Eden” interface. First off, it figures out how to convey quick and legitimate access to a solid measure of content from a home screen that assumes control astonishingly little of your screenland.

It also gives you a chance to modify the icons on the home screen freely; even better, Samsung has presented another voice control framework that really works. And also now reacting to frequently maybe a couple word guidelines, the new voice control framework covers a wonderful scope of the TV’s capacities; you can even change the set’s white balance and shading administration settings utilizing only your voice in the event that you truly need to! The main thing missing is an acknowledgment of channel names instead of numbers.

Samsung conveys a genuinely high application count rely on its most recent Samsung Smart TV framework. Netflix and Amazon streaming is upheld in 4K and HDR, which is something we have practically generally expected now in the game.

Despite the fact that the Samsung Smart TV Q9F has 4K HDR advancement in its DNA, it is equipped for looking genuinely great with superior quality standard dynamic range content as well.

For one thing, its HD-to-4K upscaling is exceptional. Insofar as you oppose the compulsion to push the sharpness setting higher than around 35-40, Samsung’s set includes detail without overstating noise and underlines the feeling of additional detail with some strikingly intense and unpretentious color management over every one of those additional pixels it is adding to HD sources.

Ultra HD HDR playback is the thing that the Samsung Smart TV Q9F was made to do and, given Samsung’s intense HDR record of accomplishment; it is nothing unexpected to find that it does it remarkably well.

The set conveys around 1500 nits of splendor on a 10% white HDR window, and figures out how to achieve closer 1800 nits in littler regions, making it the single brightest TV we have ever tried. This implies the lightest features in HDR content look dangerously splendid.

Another astoundingly attribute of the Samsung Smart TV Q9F is the means by which well it holds the effect of its brilliance in a typical sunshine parlor circumstance. The effect of this is so striking now and again that it’s practically uncanny, notwithstanding leaving 2016’s extraordinary KS9500 TVs (KS9800 in the US) looking oversaturated and peaky in surrounding light by comparison.

Joining the Samsung Smart TV Q9F’s visual fireworks is a startlingly ordinary clear sound framework. It is superbly respectable – even truly useful for a TV with no visible speakers – concerning the quality of the sound it can deliver without distorting or humming, and its appropriately open, expressive and definite mid-extend.

There is insufficient bass profundity or forward-firing attack to make it sound truly emerge from the TV sound group, however, and voices sporadically turn into somewhat calm in the midst of an exceptionally extraordinary blend. Yet, it is sufficient, truly, for a TV that may well be cooperated with some kind of outer sound framework given the kind of uncompromising AV fan it is gone for.

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Final Verdict

While the Samsung Smart TV Q9F is still on the most fundamental level an LCD TV and in that capacity cannot completely get away from several customary LCD bargains, it regardless sets new principles in various key territories, is remarkably watchable in an extremely bright room condition, and appreciates a ravishing mechanical outline.


• Unprecedented shading levels
• Ultra high shine
• Lovely mechanical outline
• Minimal cabling to screen



• Occasional backdrop illumination blurring
• Limited seeing edges
• It’s costly


  • Design

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