Mistakes to Avoid To Get Best DSLR For Beginners


Consider the key features of a DSLR while buying, but there are also some mistakes that should be avoided to get a best DSLR for beginners.

Not understanding the lenses – if you are transferring from a point and shoot camera to an entry-level DSLR, you may be used to considering lenses in terms of their optical zoom measurement. But the DSLR lenses are measures using different numbers.

The key measurement in a DSLR lens is its focal length, which is measured in mm. A focal length measurement of approximately 35 to 50 mm is considered standard, below 35mm as wide angle, whereas above 50mm as telephoto. A DSLR can be a prime lens, where it has only one focal length measurement, or a zoom lens, meaning it has a range of focal length measurements. Make sure you understand these measurements before buying a DSLR lens.

Becoming frustrated – it can be intimidating to try to memorize the functions of all dials and buttons at one time, if you have never used an advanced camera. It may even bring you to the point where you put the DSLR away and dig out the old point and shoot camera. To prevent this, take your required time at your own speed to learn each function of the DSLR camera. Make use of automatic controls while learning, that can keep the frustration at bay.

Under budgeting – as mentioned earlier, buying a best DSLR involves more than just the camera body. You will also need to purchase external flash units, lenses, a camera bag, a tripod and other components involved that you would otherwise won’t need with a point and shoot camera. So don’t try to go too low in terms of budget as under budgeting will cost you more frustration and confinement in the long run.


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  1. Jeremy says

    My biggest mistake was forgetting to reinsert the memory card back into the camera after I copied my photos to my laptop. I took a perfect photo of a Orange Breasted Bush shrike sitting in perfect sunlight close to me (which i have been hunting for months already) My oldish camera not having memory on board then informed me that there is no memory stick inserted after I took the shot. Obviously the bird was gone after i ran to fetch the card. I will regret this until I find that bird again

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