iOS 10 Problems And How To Fix Them


Whenever a new update hits, new problems seem to emerge. Some problems also arrive with the Apple’s new iOS 10.3 update. Many can be fixed. This article is particularly featured to make you aware of the reasons behind crashing your iPhone and how to fix these iOS 10.3 issues. I know you will be eager to find out problems so without wasting much time let’s get directly onto issues.

iOS 10.3 slow to update:

iOS 10.3 is the newest iPhone and iPad update, which is expected to fix a number of problems but it also carried with some. It may seem that it now takes like forever to install. Therefore, don’t get so alarmed if it takes about 30 minutes of your precious time to update about 500MB. It is somewhat a problem but Apple has re-arranged its filing system.

APFS (Apple File System) replaces the older HFS+ mode of arranging your files and it is now optimized for SSD and flash storage, which is great but you need to be patient for that. Just be cautious and make sure that you backup your iPhone before updating it to iOS 10.3. You may not face problems but who knows…

iOS 10.3 battery life fix:

People have been querying about their newly update iPhones turning off at around 30%, since the iOS 10.1.1 update battery life problems. On the other hand, people notice that their iPhone batteries drop from 100% to 50% within an hour after installing iOS 10.1.1. Apple surely being aware of the problem fixed this in newest version of 1OS 10.3. So, solution is to update to the newest version. It recently launched iOS 3.2 beta which seemed to have fixed the problem for some people.

Older iPhone can’t upgrade to iOS 10.3:

Some users caught complaining that when they try to update to iOS 10.3, their iPhone 4S won’t work. A satisfying reason for this is that iOS 10 compatibility goes back to iPad 4th Gen, iPhone and iPhone 5C. So, sadly, you can’t upgrade the iPad 3rd Gen or the iPhone 4S. iOS 10.3.2 may not work with 32-bit iPads and iPhones like iPad 4th Gen, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C.

How to fix iOS 10.0.2 problems

Apple has released iOS 10.0.2, an update to iOS 10, which addresses many problems but some are still annoying iOS 10 users. Read on to find out the solution to iOS 10.0.2 problems you are facing.
iOS 10.0.2 battery life drain:

A lot new is happening with September 13’s big software update. But we have been experiencing poor iOS 10 battery life and that remains with the recent release of iOS 10.0.2. Until the iOS 10.1 addresses battery life drain, you can do following things to increase the uptime of iPad and iPhone.

  • Turn off background app refresh. It will give you a list of apps, of which you don’t need many to constantly update in the background.
  • Turn off fitness tracking and other non-essential apps tucked away in settings. If you have Apple watch then you don’t need fitness tracking on your phone. It is also found that TripAdvisor, Health, Waze and Microsoft Health keeps tabbing and wasting battery life.
  • Turn Wi-Fi on and off at right times. At home or at work, make sure to be connected to Wi-Fi instead of cellular. When you are out and there are no Wi-Fi networks that you can get connected to, prevent your iPhone from constantly hunting for open Wi-Fi networks.
  • Keep an eye on brightness slider. Display brightness is #1 battery life killer so you should quit lighting your phone and peeking every two minutes to check the time or messages as mostly you can’t control yourself from checking the updates.
  • Keep tracks which apps drain your battery life the most. Every app is now tuned to iOS 10 update and might be the reason of precious battery wastage.

iOS 10.0.2 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues:

Even after Apple released iOS 10.0.2 people still experience Bluetooth and Wi-Fi problems and complain about their devices disconnecting from Wi-Fi when they are locked. To resolve both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth problems in one swoop, reset network settings. But don’t be a tornado and select Reset All Settings, you will be damned then. Selecting Reset Network Settings will keep your data intact bringing your wireless connects to their default settings.

How to avoid latest iPhone-crashing bugs:

There are glitches that can make your iPhone crash by just receiving a text message. In order to protect yourself from these bugs, make an easy escape and upgrade to the latest version of iOS 10, where the glitches have been fixed. If your iPhone gets affected, restart the device then update to iOS 2.2.2 or later.

How to stop Messages installing other apps:

A new iOS 10’s feature allows apps to install themselves via iMessages App Store. This makes using the Messages app easier as you can check out third party apps from within Messages quickly but it can also make app more complicated to use.

To stop iMessage extensions from installing automatically, open the Messages app, tap on the arrow icons and then ‘Apps’. In the bottom-left of the screen there is four circles icon, tap it then select ‘Store’ icon. TapManage’ and turn off the switch next to ‘Automatically Add Apps’.

AssistiveTouch freezes in iOS 10.2:

AssistiveTouch is a very handy feature which makes it easier to use some commands like multi-finger gestures. In iOS 10.2, people reported the cases where this feature freezes and become unresponsive. If you are one of victims, then fix this by turning AssistiveTouch off and on again. To accomplish this by going to  Settings>General>Accessibility>AssistiveTouch,  then toggle the feature off and on.

iOS 10 home button:

iOS 10 changes the functionality of the home button and now you have to press in on the Touch ID fingerprint sensor instead of that ‘Slide to Unlock’. If this is too much for you then you can go back to your previous way of unlocking your phone. But it is super-buried in iOS 1-‘s setting. Open  Settings>General>Accessibility>Home button and then turn on ‘Rest Finger to Open’ . This allows you to open your iPAd or iPhone with Touch ID without having to press home button any more.

If Home Button doesn’t work, press Sleep/Wake button to lock your device, wait for a few seconds and press the Home Button. If it still doesn’t, then restart your device. Then finally check for dirt or anything else if all this don’t work. Or you can also contact Apple Support at the end.

iOS 10 crashes when sending messages:

If the screen becomes unresponsive or iPhone or iPad running iOS 10 crashes when sending messages, then try following solutions to fix the problem.
First reboot your iPad or iPhone to see if that fixes the problem. If not, then delete the conversation thread if a certain conversation is causing iOS 10 to crash. Of messages are still not sending, them reset network settings and if that doesn’t work then you may restart your device.

No iMessage notifications in iOS 10:

After updating to iOS 10, if you are no longer getting notifications on receiving iMessage, then check your notification settings by going to  Settings>Notification>Messages  and make sure all the toggles next to all options are switched on and the selected alert style is ‘Banner’.

Purchased ringtones vanished in iOS 10:

If you have downloaded and bought custom ringtones, you may not find them if you have updated to iOS 10. This problem has happened in previous updates but don’t worry you can get them back without purchasing the ringtones all over again.

Plug iPad or iPhone into your Mac or PC and launch iTunes. In the top menu click on your device ad click ‘Tones’ under where it says ‘On My device’. Now makes sure to check the box next to ‘Sync Tones’ and you will be asked if you agree to replace or remove your ringtones. Agree and the sync process will start.

Phone screen no longer works:

After updating to iOS 10, if your device’s screen doesn’t respond to touch inputs, then unplug your iPad or iPhone and remove any screen protector or case. Clean your screen then restart the device. If this doesn’t fix the problem then you can try adjusting 3D Touch settings. Go to  Settings>General>Accessibility>3D Touch . Adjust the sensitivity and if this still doesn’t work, then you may have to contact Apple Support.

Games run slow in iOS 10:

If you find graphically intensive games slow and sluggish when open and played, close down all your open apps and press and hold the power and home button for 10 seconds until Apple logo appears. Doing this resets the device which should sort out any problem. But you should also make sure that you have installed the latest version of game as app makers may have launched an update to make their games and apps work better with iOS 10.

We have described few iOS 10 problems, there will be more. If you have experienced any of the addressed errors, issues or glitches and tried to fix them, then do tell us in the comment section below.

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