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If you are not familiar with the term gaming and want to know what is a gaming monitor. The gaming monitor is a computer monitor that is designed to use in a computer gaming system. Gaming monitor these days offer large screen sizes, from 24 to 27 inch display, full HD and contrast display.

Fast refresh rates, sync improvements and sharp moving images set gaming monitors apart from others. Gaming monitors include base brackets to swivel, tilt or pivot the monitor for improved viewing angles, headphone jack and various ports. The faster refresh rates help limit the gaming display issues like on-screen jittering, motion blur and ghost images.

The BenQ RL2455HM is the latest gaming monitor in a series of professional ones created by BenQ. BenQ have earned a reputation in creating great displays where every millisecond counts and the RL2455HM have continued the legacy by being the official monitor of 2013 Major League Gaming Circuit. While the BenQ RL2455HM is advertised as RTS games’ monitor, it functions exceptionally well for a variety of game genres such as fast-paced action games, fighters and shooters.

BenQ RL2455HM design and features:

The materials and stand are very well constructed and the monitor is also very easy to assemble. You just have to attach the stand included by inserting it into the base and then slide the whole piece into the back of monitor until it locks into place. Its assembly is quite easy and you don’t need any tools.

If you ever need to detach the monitor, use a tool to press the release button present at the back of the stand and remove as necessary. There is a red line on the base of the stand that gives it a nice look and distinguishes it from the plain black look of most monitors. Except from the stand being glossy, the monitor has a matte finish on its plastic. One good thing is that, the matte finish requires less maintenance and also prevents fingerprints. Everything has a solid, great feel to it.

This gaming monitor supports connectivity for up to 2 HDMI devices and also a single DVI-D VGA (D-Sub) port. For the majority of Pc gamers and console out there, this should be more than sufficient, especially considering that popular monitors like VH238H and Asus VH236H feature only 1 HDMI port.

The monitor includes 2 stereo sound speakers, at 2 watts per channel. The speakers are merely there to provide sound and are not going to blow you away. And if you are planning to lug this monitor around, the volume is loud enough for you to not worrying about bringing an external set of speakers, unless you want some bass and better sound.

Panel Specs:

The RL2455HM features a matte TN panel with a LED backlight. TN panels are fairly common for most monitors with such a cost and are very fast when it comes to response time. And same is the case with RL2455HM, as it offers a 1ms GTG (gray-to-gray) response time. The response time conducts the pace of a pixel to shift from black-to-black or gray-to-gray, as in this case. The benefit of response time is reduced ghost which is necessary for competitive gamers.

The 1080p (1920×1080) display of gaming monitor can correctly scale 16:9 content without any major issues. The panel features a native contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a dynamic contrast ratio of 12M:1. The panel works at a 60Hz refresh rate but for those used to 120Hz, it can be disappointing.

Menu Items and Features:

Several different technologies used by BenQ in their professional gaming monitors include Black eQualizer, Smart scaling, Instant Modes and AMA.

• Black eQualizer controls the black level if monitor essentially and enable you to increase the visibility of dark areas. It is a useful feature for those who find certain areas too dark in various video games.
• By Smart Scaling, you can manipulate how content is displayed by constraining the image to different aspect ratios and different sizes.
• The Advanced Motion Accelerator, AMA of the RL2455HM controls panel overdrive which affects ghosting and response time.
• The Instant mode, when enabled, minimizes input lag to nearly-zero, functioning similarly to ‘Thru’ Mode of LG to bypass some processing.

The BenQ RL2455HM includes all above features. And if you are already familiar with other professional gaming monitors of BenQ, you will find that the menu systems are practically identical in operation. The monitor also features the basics, such as color temperature, dynamic contrast, hue, brightness, saturation and other picture controls.

By default, is a source is active, input switching is buried through menus, the RL2455HM however enables you to allot up to 3 custom keys to handle different monitor functions. And it is important to have the ability to switch inputs quickly.


• 60Hz refresh rate
• 1ms GTG Respond rate
• 2 HDMI ports


• Built-in speakers are not so great

Although the BenQ features a TN panel and not VA or IPS, the colors are surprisingly crisp and vivid. The GTG respond time of only 1ms coupled with the 60Hz refresh rate means that this monitor has literally 0 input lag, making it an amazing monitor for gaming in general.

The RL2455Hm gaming monitor supports resolutions up to 1920×1080 and also features an extra HDMI ports for you to plug something into it, such as a console would work well. Though it has built-in speakers but they sound just fine.

Compared to your conventional 24” LED-lit monitor, the RL2455HM significantly uses less power. It features 12,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and 1000:1 static contrast ratio, which is incredible.

The BenQ RL2455HM comes with everything you want to set it up and get gaming, except an HDMI cable that should be obvious. The unit ships in 3 pieces, the base, the upright arm and the monitor, which you have to put together. It is just about plug and play as it takes about 35.5 seconds to do this pretty simple process.

If you need a good gaming monitor that you can also use for literally anything else including watching TV, then for under $200, the BenQ RL2455HM 24 inch gaming monitor has you covered.

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