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Stove is a fundamental and most frequently used appliance of your kitchen. Depending on what you are looking for, your stove could be the most complex or most simple appliance. It’s quite long when people were only familiar with an electric or a gas stove. Today stoves come with such a vast variety and are rich in features that you may find yourself overwhelmed just by the concept of buying best stove for you.

In order to streamline your process and efforts, we have listed below some of the best stoves of 2017 which hopefully will be applicable and profitable for you in terms of usability, accessibility and overall quality.

Samsung NE59J7630SB – best electric range:

By the production of mid to high end kitchen appliances, Samsung has earned a lot of attention. The NE59J7630SB has added versatility to cooking by having helpful features making it one of the best stoves of 2017. When it comes to broiling and boiling, its smooth-stovetop range shows some impressive performance. Though this electric range doesn’t set the world on fire with perfect cooking or with its innovative looks but fast performance times and functionality make this best stove a worthy addition to your kitchen.

The Samsung NE59J7630SB is a 30 inch electric range featuring a ceramic smooth black cooktop that is wrapped in stainless steel. It has a touchpad with digital display and four knobs to control each burner. The four burners have power range of 1200 to 3300 watts.

At the front of the stovetop, the knobs for two large burners may cause confusion. The left burner offers a Rapid Boil feature which allows you to use two concentric burners to increase boiling speed. The right front burner includes three of these concentric burners. Each knob features different scales to control the single, double or triple ring burner features enabling you to choose how many burners you want to use at once. Where the burners are controlled by knobs, the warming zone is regulated via touchpad which is a little stiff and is also unresponsive to touch. You have to push touchpad harder but it is easy to understand because of its simple and self-explanatory labels.

The temperature of the oven is tracked down by the digital display as the oven preheats, which is a helpful tool when you wait for the oven to reach the intended temperature. The capacity of this electric range oven is 5.9 cubic feet which is larger than that of the comparable GE Artistry Series Range and GE JB650SFSS. But there are back edges of the two oven racks that turn up to prevent hitting the convention fan which is mounted in the back of the oven. This reduces the amount of rack space which could be utilized the other way.

This electric range’s functions include roasting and convention baking modes, slow cook, dehydrate and bread proof functions. These features are considerable additions to those who are eager for cooking experiments. For convention cooking this oven lacks an auto-convert feature.


  • Costs less than $1000
  • Quick performance
  • Useful cooking modes


  • It bakes somewhat chewy biscuits
  • It dries chicken while roasting

The best stove Samsung NE59J7630SB has convention, quick cooking capabilities and helpful cooking modes and is still available at less than $1000. Though the oven is not perfect but due to its strengths, it is a worthwhile purchase for those who like to spend less than 4 fingers for their appliances.

KitchenAid KSEG950ESS – best electric range:

KITCHENAID KSEG950ESS 6.2 cu. ft. Duct Free Downdraft

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as of January 13, 2018 3:02 am

Along with producing good food, KitchenAid has also improved the entire cooking experience. It is an electric slide-in range that features a downdraft ventilation system that excludes smoke or steam from stovetop cooking. In the built-in downdraft ventilation system, a fan engulfs cooking fumes such as steam or smoke through a vent grate and a filter positioned in the middle of the stovetop. The system then excludes those fumes through ductwork that goes outside. And if you already don’t have any ventilation system in your kitchen then you will need to get the oven installed and a proper ductwork to utilize the oven’s ventilation system to its full potential.

If you already have a ventilation system in your kitchen then the downdraft ventilation is the right thing for you but it could create more problems if you have to commence from scratch with the ductwork requires eliminating fumes outside.

Its cooktop is a black ceramic glass having slightly textures diamond design. The location of the burners is marked with black circles having four dots located around the Perimeter. You often cannot differentiate between the appearance of burners and rest of the stovetop and you end up readjusting pots and pans.

The downdraft fan and the touchpad that controls the oven are located at the front edge of the stovetop. The keys are very sensitive. Sometimes you accidently turn on the oven if you lean over too closely to check the pot of food cooking on the back burner. It provides eight cooking options for the oven including broiling and roasting, convection and traditional baking. Other KitchenAid models also include steam bake option that allows you to place a tray of water under oven rack to add steam to your cooking.

The burner knobs are located on the front of the oven and burner key is located on the top edge of the stove. Three of the burners offer multiple functions adding versatility. Its oven features an impressive 6.4 cubic feet of space making this the largest single cavity oven on an electric range. It also includes a traditional rack including a slot for the steam bake insert, a recessed rack that allows baking large items like roast and a gliding oven.

The electric range provides more even cooking as its convention fan distributes hot air evenly throughout the oven. This feature is recommended by most manufacturers for roasting meats, baking more than one rack of food and broiling thick cuts of meat.


  • Cooks food fast
  • Built-in downdraft ventilation system


  • Oven’s convention fan sometimes fails to bake evenly
  • The downdraft ventilation system requires proper ventilation system in your kitchen

The KitchenAid KSEG950ESS contains a lot into 30 inches such as the range’s downdraft ventilation system. This electric range is a strong performer in broiling modes and traditional baking and the stovetop is designed to cook food rapidly or delicately depending on your mood. Because of these strengths, this electric range is included on our list of one of the best stoves of 2017.

GE JGB700SEJSS – best gas range:

GE JGB700SEJSS 30" Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Range

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as of January 13, 2018 3:02 am


  • 5 Cu.Ft. Convection Gas Cooking
  • Extra-large Integrated Non-stick Griddle
  • 18,000 BTU Power Boil Burner
  • Dimensions (WHD): 30" X 47 1/4" X 28 3/4"

GE JGB700SEJSS is a stainless-steel gas range consistent in its ability to cook food well. It is easy to use and features some simple add-ons making cooking a little easier such as an integrated griddle on the stovetop and a convention fan in the oven.

It doesn’t look like a professional-grade appliance unlike more expensive ranges. It has a row of burner knobs on the front of the unit and back panel controls. None of these features seem strong.  The most notable feature of this best gas stove is its five burner stovetop. It includes an integrated griddle covering the central oval burner and cast-iron continuous grates covering the four burners on the rest of stovetop. This gas range doesn’t include grates to replace the griddle for which you have to switch one of the side grates to cook something on the center burner but without using the griddle. In one way this is limiting as if you don’t often use a griddle and require a fifth burner but the other way, griddle is of good size and if you often cook pancakes, eggs or bacons, you will be delighted to have it.

Though it lacks special features but this gas range does stand up to more expensive competitors, because it is able to consistently cook food well in an average amount of time.


  • Affordable
  • From baking to broiling, cooks good food consistently


  • No special features

We are accustomed to seeing flashy features in newer stoves but GE JGB700SEJSS, one of the best gas ranges, doesn’t require a lot of extras to perform well a primary task of a range which is cooking good food. If you don’t want your tight budget to get in the way of a good meal, then GE JGB700SEJSS being one of the best stoves would be a wise purchase for you.

Kenmore 95073 – best induction stove:

Induction technology in ranges makes stovetop cooking more efficient, safer and also more expensive. Many induction models price starts from $2,000 but Kenmore introduced its model to the market for $1700.

At this price, Kenmore didn’t skimp on performance features. When it comes to roasting a delicious chicken and boiling a large pitcher of water in a flash, the Kenmore 95073 doesn’t lag behind its more expensive competitors. But it does have its limitations such as slow performance of small burner and oven slightly over bakes biscuits but these cannot undermine the fact that its overall performance is on par with other induction models such as $3,200 GE PHS920SFSS Induction Range and $3,700 Samsung Slide-in Induction Chef Collection Range. Though for average customers, Kenmore Elite 95073 still holds a place in a pretty high price category but it is a best stove for those who want to try induction cooking.

The Kenmore Elite 95073 is a stove pretty basic and simple in design. It is a 30 inch freestanding electric range with burner knobs. Oven controls are positioned on a back panel. This electric range is finished in black and the back panel and the trim around the door handles are of stainless-steel. It includes five knobs that control warming zone and four burners on the stovetop.

To mark the location of burners, Kenmore uses light grey Xs instead of circles. You may find it tricky to center the pot over the middle of the X which is recommended by oven’s user and care guide. It has a label around each burner knob as well as small digital displays above each burner that illustrates the cooking level of each burner in numerical form.  The digital displays also show indicators like “HE” or hot element which is very helpful as it appears when after you have turned the burner off, but the ceramic glass surface is warm.

Each burner has a Power Boost feature that that supplies an extra oomph when a lot of heat is needed such as boiling some water for pasta. You can only turn it on when you begin your cooking and it works for only 10 minutes.

Its oven has an impressive capacity of 6.1 cubic feet offering plenty of space for roasting large cut of meat or multiple-rack baking. However, its cooking modes are slim as compared to others like the KitchenAid KSGB900ESS. The 95073’s oven provides you the options of convention bake and slow cook, convention roast along with standard bake and broil settings. You can also set the oven to automatically lower the temperature as is recommended for convention cooking.

Dacor ER30DSCH – dual fuel range:

Dacor ER30DSCH is one of the best stainless steel stove that features gas stovetop’s open flame precision and a powerful electric range making it a versatile and formidable product. Its controls are easy to use and the stovetop performs on par with other best gas ranges. Overall its performance is better than it’s bigger, all gas counterpart Dacor Renaissance RNRP36GS.

This range is for attentive cook not for the occasional home chef. Because it’s pure convention baking mode depends upon a lot of experimentation to estimate the right cooking time and temperature for recipes. Similarly the quick cooking broiler also requires your close attention. It is a beautiful range like other Dacor models. If you have patience and interest, this range is good investment

The stout ER30DSCH has a handsome and user-friendly design. This gas and electric range has stainless steel construction compressed into 30 inches with a slide-in design aimed to fit snugly between your countertops. The stove has four burners on stovetop that produce 1,000 to 18,000 BTUs of power. There is no middle fifth burner for griddle cooking instead it includes a griddle that you can fit over two burners on the right. The stove offers more space for a larger griddle as compared to other models.

You can easily select cooking modes via control panel. The panel is located at the front of the oven. You can also tilt the panel upward to view it easily by pressing a button. The stove includes large and easy to grip four burner knobs, each knob featuring a blue LED light that lights up burner is in use. Control panel has a very responsive touchpad, a number keypad, eight different cooking modes and a clock display. The button for each cooking mode has little pictures that display the source of heat in each mode.

The ER30DSCH’s oven has a capacity of 3.9 cubic feet making it the smallest single-oven cavity. Inside the oven, the electric heating element on the top and bottom is covered with glass plates which is a sophisticated feature, making cleaning a lot easier than the tradition oven’s exposed heating coils. There is also a convention fan in the back of the oven which is surrounded by a third heating element that turns on when you use the pure convention mode.


  • Solid stainless steel structure
  • Dual-fuel range
  • Powerful convention


  • Some may consider it costly

Dacor Renaissance ER30DSCH is one of the best dual-fuel stove with a gas stovetop and electric range. It meets your expectations in performance. The oven broils, roasts and bakes quickly compensates slightly below average performance of stovetop. To get most out of the convention features of oven, you need to pay full attention and patience and the range will please you and other passionate home cooks who love experimenting with recipes.

Samsung NE59J7850WS – best double oven range:

Samsung NE59J7850WS 30 Self-Cleaning Freestanding Electric Double Range

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as of January 13, 2018 3:02 am


  • Soft Close Dual Door
  • Flexible Cooktop With Warming Zone
  • The Only Double Oven With A Warming Drawer
  • Dimensions (WHD): 29 7/8" X 47 3/32" X 25 31/32"

Samsung NE59J7850WS is one of the best double-oven stoves. It is easy to use and looks nice enough. It has four knobs for main burners; the fifth warming burner can be accessed by display panel. You can adjust its 3,000W powerful burners to accommodate 6,9,12 inch pans and pots.

The Flex Duo have unique oven modes like dehydrate, brad proof and slow cook. Its key feature is a removable divider. The oven capacity is 5.9 cubic feet without the divider. Adding it in, you get a lower oven of 3 cubic feet and upper oven of 2.7 cubic feet. The oven has subtle arrow indicators that inform you where to add the divider that it chimes when divider is installed correctly.

One of its most uncommon and new feature of this model is a latch that allows you to open a smaller door on the top of oven preventing the escape of air from the lower oven. It’s a vast improvement as now you don’t have to open the entire door if you want to check the food cooking on the top of the oven.


  • Removable divider
  • Double door mechanism


  • Its design may not be appealing for some

$1,899 Samsung Dual Door Flex Duo may not be the best single rack convention biscuit maker or the fastest water boiler, but it’s delicious and speedy broiling and roasting results and its ability to kind into the type of oven you need renders this range an appealing one; especially when you consider comparing it with other ranges having comparable price, design, performance and usability but they have only one oven. Being a midprice electric range and having multi-tasking features, it is an adaptable appliance.

Samsung NX58H9500WS:

Samsung NX58H9500WS Slide-In Stainless Steel Gas Range

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as of January 13, 2018 3:02 am


  • 5 Sealed Burners
  • 5.8 cu. ft. Capacity
  • Guiding Light Controls
  • True Convection
  • Temperature Probe

The Samsung NX58H9500WS is a 30 inch slide in, one of the best gas ranges, with attractive appearance. It has hefty burner knobs, a large oven window, continuous grates and a sleek touch panel that gives the appliance a high-end look.

It appears to be physically different a bit from similar gas ranges like KitchenAid KSGB900ESS. Both models are slide in ranges and are 30 inch wide. A slide-in is a design that puts all the controls at the front eliminating a back panel. Both models are made of stainless steel, have a large oven window and five burner stovetops covered in continuous black grates. These design items elevate these popular consumer brands to appear similar to luxury models such as Dacor Renaissance ER30DSCH.

The Samsung NX58H9500WS distinguishes itself with its sleek and responsive touchpad that only displays time when it is idle. You need to press a button in the bottom left corner to wake up the touchpad, it then illuminates the oven controls convention roast, traditional and convention bake, broil and keep warm. The stove also includes a Healthy Cook button that offers six cooking options such as grilled chicken and salmon steak. This feature is extraneous for novice cooks. Its tilted control panel makes it easy to view and select oven options.

The stove’s burners provide 5000-1,8000 BTU’s of power putting this range on par with other gas ranges. The burners are controlled by sizeable knobs. In the middle of the stovetop, the range has an oblong burner which is designed to use with included griddle. It is great if you use griddle for lot of cooking but it occupies valuable space if you don’t. The Samsung NX58H9500WS also includes a wok ring that allows you to safely use a wok over the gas by placing it over any of the round burners. The capacity of oven is 5.8 cubic feet. The oven also comes with a split rack and two flat racks which are bonus pieces for avid baker. It also includes a warming drawer positioned beneath the main oven capacity.


  • Sleek and responsive touch-panel control
  • Powerful gas burners
  • Additional accessories such as temperature probe, wok grate and griddle


  • Not so perfect in being multiple racks

Samsung NX58H9500WS is one of the best visually appealing stoves that also provides additional accessories such as wok ring and griddle, along with best stovetop. But its oven lags behind a bit.

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