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The success of a headphone is that they create, in a public space, a spot of privacy. Getting that sound right can make all the difference in the world and turn your boring ride into a super exciting one. Headphones have become a big business since everyone now owns some kind of portable device so having headphones is then a must. Walking down the street you will notice just about everyone is locked into their own little worlds listening absorbedly to headphones that are plugged onto hottest smart phone/tablet or maybe some mp3 player. We have to admit this digital revolt has come out fiercely; for that reason, you cannot avoid falling for it or you will be left behind. So be there or be square! Selecting the best headphones is always a problem, right? So here we go, helping you out with the best headphones selection.

Buying best headphones can be really daunting because there is so more than what you see. There is a whole lot of science that goes into it to craft a pair of best headphones which sound a particular way. Now the sound can be tuned in an infinite number of ways, and to experience full audio quality it is essential to match up headphones with the type of music you prefer listening before pinning them to your ears. You simply don’t pick out headphones solely by looking at the brand or its appearance.

Mainly there are three styles of headphones available nowadays. In-ear headphones are the smallest yet most portable form but on the bad side they might fall out pretty easily. If you are looking for greater sound quality you can go for On-ear headphones. They don’t sore you out and sits nicely on ears; also you don’t feel completely cut out from outside noise because some of it would still be audible, likewise, people around can hear a little of your music too. Then we have over-ear or full-size headphones that surround your ears perfectly giving you total isolation and supreme sound clarity.

While these are all good things to understand but you don’t want to buy your headphones without actually having to know about them. We have lined up best of the best high-end headphones in the market. Although they tend to be little costly but if you are willing to spend you can get a bang for your buck.

Bose QuietComfort 35-Best Headphones

When it comes to best headphones, the Bose QuietComfort 35 is right up there. Up-till now Bose QuietComfort 35 is ranked the best wireless noise canceling headphone around the globe. Undoubtedly it has a great combination of style, comfort and state-of-the-art technology that outputs unsurpassed sound excellence that’s very hard to achieve.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Complete Review

The noise canceling aids you to enjoy audio even at lower volumes without compromising your ears lucidness. Long life battery ensures all day long use. These headphones are free of chords so those who don’t want dangling and tangling cables everywhere are highly recommended to invest their money in Bose QuietComfort 35.

Pros: Offers ultimate audio quality with noise cancellation without wire. Impressive streaming and battery life. 
Cons: Hefty headpiece.

Sony MDR -1A- Best Headphones

Sony MDR1A Premium Hi-Res Stereo Headphones (Black)
List Price: $299.99
Price: $298.00
You Save: $1.99
Price Disclaimer

You can experience first class audio performance through Sony MDR-1A with deep lows and well defined clear highs. It is a nicely upgraded version which precisely focused on the points where it was required. Faux leather coated ear pads ensures the design is attractive and material used is luxurious and durable. It comes with two detachable chords one is for in-line remote and microphone for smartphone users. The ear cups fit impeccably on your ears and rotation is also appropriate.  It definitely renders the best value for. Sony MDR-1A makes it to the best headphones list.

Pros: Delivers ultra-responsive high definition audio.
Cons: A little overpriced, not suggested for people who prefer pure accurateness.

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0- Best Headphones

There is not much difference in this version than the previous one. Back then people found its ear pads to be little uncomfortable which results in sore ears thus in momentum 2.0 this flaw is fixed by using significant larger cups and pads. In terms of sound quality the bass seems to be impressive without unbalancing and this earns them good points yet you cannot enjoy maximum accuracy representation with them. If enjoyment and comfort is more of a concern to you than precision then these are the best headphones for you.

Pros: Top notch comfort, full size, style driven
Cons: Lacks accuracy of sound.

Bose SoundSport Wireless- Best Headphones

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones, Black
List Price: $149.00
Price: $149.00
Price Disclaimer

Bose is a very popular brand for making some great audio gears and SoundSport is yet another marvel. They are in-ear best headphones; ridiculously big in size but its hard shiny plastic casing is sweat & weather resistant and well-built to use during harsh workouts and exercise. Usually, headphones shaped like earbuds cause pain but they have extremely soft tips and yes wireless, so bye-bye pain, bye-bye cables. The battery gives straight 7-hour usage-incredible. However, unlike Bose’s other best headphones it doesn’t offer noise canceling thus outside din can be clearly heard. Overall SoundSport gives solid output, secure and stable; certainly worth buying. Best headphones choice for you for sure!


Pros: Amazing battery life, wireless, weather resistant; in short the best buy for sport-oriented people.
Cons: Protuberant earphones

Audeze Sine- Best Headphones

Okay, this one is invincible; truly high-end, jam-packed with latest technology-the clearest best headphones ever built. As a top headgear crafter, Audeze took headphones to next level: planar magnetic drivers’ produces higher fidelity sound and least distortion than traditionally it would & to that it adds inexpensive dynamic cans. What totally blows up your mind is that it is built from top-notch quality materials so you can completely enjoy the presentation all the way through seamlessly.

Pros: Rock solid headphones with superlative performance. Highly accurate sound production.
Cons: Pricey compared to conventional headphones offered

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Beats Studio Wireless headphones-Best Headphones to buy in year 2018

As simple as that “drop dead gorgeous”, moving on to the design it seems pretty slim but it is nowhere near fragile. Even after long hours of usage your head doesn’t feel heated up at all and it’s just great, isn’t it? The sound quality is just too damn good it can effortlessly handle any genre of music. One thing that cannot be ignored is that the bass is enhanced to the levels where it starts dulling out the mids and highs which is a turn big turn off. In general, it is one of the best headphones till now.

Pros: Flexible ear hook, easy to use and sleek smooth design.
Cons: Gets heavy on bass.

Beyerdynamic T51i- Best Headphones

If you are all up for portability and comfort Beyerdynamic T51i is for you. Its lightweight, comfortable structure, and fashionable look certainly make an ultimate choice for folks who are always on the run. You get crystal clear sound, isolation from the outer world and satisfying performance. For the price, you won’t find anything better than t51i to take with you everywhere.  Best headphones choice for you if you are short on budget.

Pros: Convenience & travel-friendly with good sound.
Cons: Fixed cable at this time is a big turn off.
When buying best headphones, people typically look for the style of headphone they want (in-ear, on-ear, around-ear) whether to go wired or wireless (or even totally wireless) and whether to opt for such extra features as active noise-cancellation to help muffle ambient noise. And how could the price be neglected? One of the most important factor.

Bose QuietComfort 25- Best Headphones

The name says it all “QuietComfort”, Bose ensures active noise canceling anywhere and everywhere literally even when you are on plane-this is obviously miraculous. There is no bass boost which renders soft smooth clearer sound quality instead of receiving the entire roar from outside.

Pros: Unquestionably eliminates all outside reverberation. AAA battery.
Cons: Despite everything that sounds more than perfect price can be an issue for some.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x- Best Headphones

These are fairly large over-ear headphones that are most popular among engineers and professionals. It is the best headphone for critical professional users with large aperture drivers, sound isolating feature and detachable cables. It’s a well thought robust design that seals tightly on your ears, giving long sessions of work without hurting your ear normalcy. They are highly recommended for audio professionals/engineers for rigorous use.

Pros: Truly professional, well-balanced sound, good imaging, high-end
Cons: Isolation could have been improved

HiFiMan HE-400i- Best Headphones

HiFiMan is one those few brands out there which wraps up wonderful top class performing headphones. This is again their successful most adored headphone based on the planar magnetic driver –which is indisputably big innovation we are seeing around. For the efficiency, sound accuracy and outstanding performance the price is not much.

Pros: Binds quality and comfort, distortion-free fantastic sound
Cons: Irritating Small chord

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