Advantages Of Using a DSLR For Beginners


There are number of advantages of using a DSLR for beginners and some of them are as follows:

Image quality The larger size of image sensors in DSLRs allow for larger pixel sizes. Generally, DSLRs are used at faster ISO which leads to faster shutter speeds and less grain.

Speed when it comes to start up, focusing and shutter lag, DSLRs are pretty fast pieces of machinery.

Adaptability DSLRs are able to change lenses and this thing opens up a world of possibilities for photographers. A DSLR can be fitted with high quality lenses ranging from wide angle to long focal lengths depending upon what you are photographing as well as your budget. And adding to this a large range of other accessories like flashes, filters etc. a DSLR can be adapted to many different situations. The diversity in quality of lens is great and it greatly impacts the image quality.

Large ISO range this varies between cameras, but DSLRs generally offer a wide array of ISO settings which gives it the flexibility in shooting in different conditions.

Optical Viewfinder due to reflex mirrors DSLRs use, these are very much, what you see is what you get.

Manual controls for those want to control their own settings in photography; DSLRs come with good deal of auto as well as manual modes. And the manual modes are built in a way that is easy to access as photographers are shooting.

Depth of Field along with the versatility given in many areas, depth of field is also the one included. DSLR gives you depth of field putting everything from foreground to background in focus to nice blurry backgrounds.

Hold its value a DSLR holds its value longer. DSLR models don’t get updated quite as often as others. Another factor is that the lenses you purchase for them are compatible with other cameras. This means that your investment in lenses is not a waste over the years.

Quality Optics In general, the lenses you get on a DSLR are superior. DSLR lenses are larger and many of them have many hours of time put into their manufacture, especially the higher-end lenses. DSLR buyers should buy the best quality lenses.

Resale Value there is a large market for used DSLRs, so at some point if you decide that photography is not for you or you want to upgrade to a better DSLR, you will probably not have much trouble selling yours. This will, in result, help you recoup the costs if you don’t like photography anymore or help you purchase next camera if you decide you really do.

Being a beginner, don’t expect that with the above given advantages you are going to get a ‘Genie’that will do what you wish for. As you know ‘Practice makes a man perfect’, try to practice with as many beginner cameras as you can. And that way you will be more able to handle the pro features your DSLS offers, without getting lost in the manuals.

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  1. Ryan Ward says

    Am also beginner with Nikon you article was impressive make me more interested in photography. am new to this so you article define few of the thing i have not done … i will try it soon thanks dear ….

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