Flashiest Phone Of 2017- Samsung Galaxy 8 plus


From Samsung, the next Galaxy devices have finally arrived and there is a slightly different strategy for flagship phones of 2017. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is new Android phone that is impossible to miss because of its elegant-looking curved design and massive screen size.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has 6.2 inch super AMOLED display. If you wonder the curved-edge Galaxy S7 looks like the phone from the future, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is a phone from future in a world dominated by giants. Yet the nearly bezel-less design of the actual phone keeps its dimensions closer to those of Galaxy Note S7.

This is Samsung’s latest display trick which is also employed by 5.8 inch Samsung Galaxy S8. Both smartphones features faster chipsets, better camera and smarter AL software. In order to love the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, you will have to embrace three things, trusting Samsung all over again, paying a lot of money and getting used to its bigger screen.

Price and Release Date:

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is expensive. Through US carriers like T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and AT&T, it costs anywhere from $28 to $35 a month and in 2 months, it will be available at $824.99 unlocked at Best Buy.

In the UK, the S8 Plus can be ordered SIM-free right now and it will cost £779, which is more expensive than £640 that the Galaxy S7 cost last year. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus costs AU$1,349 which is very high. Carriers such as Telstra will break it into monthly payments but you can’t escape paying premiums no matter how you buy and where you live.

The actual release date of Samsung Galaxy S8 is staggered. It will be April 28 in the UK and other regions and April 21 in the US. If you want to order in advance, look for a lot of bundled deals.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is all-glass design phone wrapped around a thin metal frame and ultra-thin top and bottom bezels accompany its edge-to-edge curved sides. It is an all-screen phone like the striking Mi Mix of China.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus flaunts it even more by fitting a tall 6.2 inch display with truly phablet dimensions of 159.5×73.4×8.1mm. This smartphone weighs 173g. It is definitely taller as compared to Note series and to reach the opposite corners, you will really have to stretch and juggle it in your grip.

The phone doesn’t have a physical button on the front but it relies on a pressurized on-screen oval-shaped home button. It is like Apple’s 3D touch but is limited to where the home button used to be.

The phone has a fingerprint sensor but it is not part of this new pressurized home button, instead it has been moved to the back, adjacent to the camera. But it holds a bit awkward position as it is not located at dead center so you have to remember its position which depends on how you hold the phone, left-handed or right-handed.

Samsung aligns the on-screen keys ‘back’ and ‘recent’, that flank the home button, on opposite sides compared to rival Android phones. Besides the usual passocde unlock method and oddly placed fingerprint sensor, Samsung also includes a number of other ways to unlock the phone. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus introduced face recognition and an iris scanner to provide touch-free unlocking. So it somewhat spares you from reaching for the awkwardly positioned fingerprint sensor anyway.

Despite all the changes, the usual 3.5mm headphone jack remains, along with single speaker at the bottom for audio. Samsung has finally converted its flagship phones over to USB-C which is a reversible port replacing micro USB. Now you can plug in your phone in dark without fail.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus’s ‘Infinity Display’ is a superb looking Quad HD+ display with the resolution 2960×1440 with 529 pixels per inch. S8 Plus also touts Mobile HDR Premium which offers a better contrast ratio comparable to your 4K HDR TV set.

Specs and Performance:

To match the futuristic exterior, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has next-generation power inside. It features a 10nm octa-core chipset. While the model varies, the important thing to say is that the chip is smaller and it is much faster. It has the ability to run high-end Gear VR games which is promising for the future of mobile-based virtual reality.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus doesn’t come with an upgrade to the RAM but it has 64 GB internal storage which you can upgrade via microSD by another 256GB. It depends on the memory card you buy.

Android 7.0 and Bixby:

Samsung claims that the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, with its brand-new smartphone voice assistant Bixby will take AI to the next level. Bixby is supposed to rival Android’s Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri, the former of which is also present on the phone. The choice is yours.

The Bixby is a system-wide intelligent interface and its benefit is that you can control your entire smartphone by prompting it. It can also do object recognition, in addition to voice, via camera to name products and list prices for refills. Smart home applications and reminders are also handled by Bixby.

The new Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S8 Plus will run Android 7.0 Nougat which is Google’s latest software. One of its amazing features is the ability to search your phone from the home screen. You just have to swipe down anywhere on screen and a search bar and all of your apps will appear. It is noticeably faster than opening the app drawer.

• Powerful chipset and 64GB storage
• Infinity display
• Promising new Bixby AI software

• Pricey
• Too big for some
• Awkward placement of fingerprint sensor

It is a big decision for sure, whether you are going to buy Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Its power, screen size and price, all are going to be overwhelming. And that is the good and bad of this phone.It is the flashiest phone of 2017 with curved edges and its bezels are so diminished that Samsung called it an Infinity Display.

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