Microsoft’s new Surface Pro has an unexpected Hibernation Problem


In spite of the great reception of the new Surface Pro, Microsoft has all the earmarks of being authoritatively unequipped for releasing a Surface without a sleep related issue, and the new Surface Pro is no special case to that rule.

We already wound up plainly mindful of few users of new Surface Pro, who revealed Surface sleep issues only 5 days after the gadget ended up plainly accessible, with the gadget going to rest while being used – bringing about lost work and user dissatisfaction.

The Issue is Real

In an announcement on the Microsoft string, a Microsoft rep noted,

“We are aware of a small group of customers reporting a scenario with their new Surface Pro in which the device inadvertently hibernates. We are investigating this issue.”

An arbitrator on the sub (MVP Barb Bowman) who helped thankful users manage the Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4 battery issues has issued her own informal counsel, users who have this issue should restore their new Surface Pro at the earliest opportunity for a refund or substitution.

Lack of Quality Assurance

Microsoft’s Surfaces have been inclined to equipment issues as noted above, and the firm has been similarly ease back to issue fixes, with the Surface Pro 4 just being settled after a large portion of a time of issues, and the Surface Pro 3 getting a 1-2 punch of continuous battery issues. These gadgets are costly, beginning from just shy of $1000 and going over $2000, issues like these are not expected at the extreme costs – particularly since different OEMs offer correspondingly specced, more dependable gadgets at bring down costs.

Already, the issues with the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 were credited to the Skylake stage (in spite of no different Windows PCs showing this in any noteworthy numbers), with the new Surface Pro encountering this issue too, maybe Microsoft needs to investigate its quality control, division.

Huge Names, Huge Mistakes

The official statement from Microsoft is still to come regarding this issue. However, this rather disappoint me that how these giants make such blunders repeatedly and keep their customers frustrated. The time has come when these companies have to put some extra penny on quality assurance and overall serviceability.

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