Watch International Space Station Live

Visiting International Space Station by sitting in home is the best gift technology can give you


In the event that you have for the longest time desired to look around inside a spaceship however absolutely never wish to leave the well being of Earth, Google Street View now gives you a chance to investigate the International Space Station from your PC.

Get to know Astronaut’s lifestyle

Space explorers have been working and living on the International Space Station for as long as 16 years, and Street View now enables you to investigate everything from the resting quarters to where the space suits are kept. This is the first chance that Street View has wandered past planet Earth, and the first run through the component additionally accompanies helpful little specks you can tap on to launch notes that clarify what everything does.

Your Space Research made easy

The notes detail things like where the space explorers work out to remain fit, the sorts of meals they have and where logical investigations are directed. This breakthrough will surely going to help people who are interested in space travel research but cannot practically visit International Space Station to accomplish their goal.

The Gravity Free Method

The all-encompassing 360-degree symbolism of the International Space Station could not be made utilizing Google Street View’s standard strategies. So all things being equal, the Google group worked with NASA and the Marshall Space Center to make a “gravity free method” of gathering pictures utilizing DSLR cameras and hardware as of now on board. Thomas Pesquet, an European Space Agency space explorer on the International Space Station, at that point gathered the photographs in space and sent them to Earth where they were sewed together to make the scenes.

What Pasquet has to say?

“We did a lot of troubleshooting before collecting the final imagery that you see today in Street View. The International Space Station has technical equipment on all surfaces, with lots of cables and a complicated layout with modules shooting off in all directions—left, right, up, down,” Pasquet wrote on Google’s blog.

The International Space Station is comprised of 15 associated modules and Street View enables you to go between them.

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