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For hundreds of years, coffee has been one of the most loved and required drinks. People are almost addicted to it because of its aroma, taste and benefits including enhancing mood, memory, energy level reaction time and many more. It’s so trendy these days. There are many types of coffee:  espresso, cappuccino, mocha, latte etc.

As a flashback of an old coffee making process, it was never difficult to brew a coffee and meet your requirement. Coffee grounds were placed in a pot and hot water was poured. Lid was closed to start the infusion process, giving coffee its scent and savor. Different pots were designed for brewing coffee.  Designing pots to achieve the required goals of flavor and smell to pot style and ease of coffee making is still in progress and ever will. In such a busy life and routine along with going out for your special coffee drink, people love to have their own coffee maker at home, enabling them to get that drink whenever they want.

Just like other types of appliances, coffee makers are of different types, sizes, brands and models. If you want to purchase a coffee machine that fits your needs, lifestyle and budget, you should be aware of different types of coffee makers in market in order to purchase the right product.

To get hold of the best deal one needs to understand the art and science of coffee makers from the scratch. So start knowing the very basic types of coffee machines;

Manual Coffee Machines

Manual or pour-over brewing is basic and most popular brewing process that gives you hold over your coffee. They require knowledge and practice of coffee making techniques as dosing, grinding and tamping. In this machine, you have to put required amount of ground coffee in the group head and set the machine to pour. For manual machine you have to check amount of coffee to be poured in your cup while a semi-automatic machine will automatically check and pour pre-set amount of coffee. The advantage of having manual coffee machines are that they give enhanced flavor using fresh coffee and satisfaction of making coffee the way you like. But it could be difficult for beginners having no experience in coffee making and the coffee should be grounded before use. And in terms of cost manual and semi-automatic coffee machines price ranges around $200-$1500.

Automatic Espresso Machines

These coffee machines are very handy for a small office kitchen. These constitute small but significant part of market but because of their feasibility, definitely have their fans around the world. You just have to put your cup under the spout and press the button. It grinds coffee beans to make the espresso. There are many models that automatically froth the milk for latte and cappuccino minimizing your time and effort to none. They are very simple to comprehend and uses freshly ground coffee beans but they tend to be too expensive than other types of machines ranging from $500-$3000+

Pod and Capsule Machines

Because of their convenience these machines have made quite an impact in coffee market. Pods are coffee discs that are compressed between two filters. Some machines accommodate both pods and ground coffee providing a separate filter basket and different spout for each. Capsules re like single serve UHT milk holder. These are hermetically sealed giving the advantage of staying fresh for about nine months. A pod or capsule is installed into the machine which then pierces the capsule and pour hot water that flows though and shot is poured. They are very simple and convenient to use and variety of flavors are available in it. Also they require little cleanup which is awesome. But some people may find coffee less intense in taste. These range in price from $99-$500

What to look for

Clear and simple controls- digital displays are easy to understand

Adjustable grinder- automatic machines have built-in grinders that allow you to adjust the grind according to bean and machine

Variable coffee strength- adjusts the intensity of coffee according to your taste

Space- you want your coffee machine according to your bench space in kitchen

Froth former- some machines have froth former and some also have froth enhancer  on milk frothing wand but it often produces larger bubbles than fine foam that are very suitable for cappuccino and latte

Cup warming tray- allowing you to get your cups warm at constant temperature without cooling down your coffee

Double shot-many models can make two espressos at once but often they just grind one dose of beans for this lowering the intensity of coffee.

Check good and bad points of each model whenever you are going to get your machine. Some other features include: water tank empty reminder, height adjustable spout and adjustable coffee volume.

Categories of coffee machines that are available in the market are;

The Drip Coffee Maker

Dip models are standard and among the most the most popular coffee makers. It heats the water and drips it at an ideal temperature. Water passes through filter grounds that are placed under the dripper. Coffee seeps into a jug and kept warm on a hot plate. These are available in variety of sizes, are convenient and easy to use. It can make up to twelve cups. There are many types of drip machines including automatic and programmable. Some other features of modern drip coffee makers include:

Clock- lets you set your machine to work at a specific time of day.

Pause button- allows you to take your cup before machine finishes its brewing process.

Strength adjuster- adjusts the strength of your coffee to your desired taste.

Coffee grinder- you don’t need to first grind beans in any other machine.

Permanent coffee filter- saves money over time by not replacing filter again and again.

The French Press or Cafetiere

It utilizes one of the oldest forms of modern coffee making and is quite popular these days. It is inexpensive and little effort is required to make coffee resulting fresh, hot and flavorful coffee. It consists of a glass jar and a plunger that is fitted with a mesh filter. French press gives you complete control over the brewing process and it also comes with disposable filters.

The Moka Pot

It is one of the best coffee makers because of the quality of espresso it produces. It is a jug made of steel that brews hot water. In moka pot, water passes through coffee grinds at high pressure making a cup of coffee similar to espresso. It makes a perfect coffee if blend of beans and grind is right.

Single Cup Coffee Maker

This machine makes one cup of coffee at a time. It is most popular in small households. It can either use capsules, pods or ground coffee. There are many different types of single cup coffee makers. Recent newer models have extra functions like;

Precision temperature control- allows you to adjust desired temperature for you drink

Strength- it controls strength of your coffee by adjusting water quantity in a single brewing process.

Filtration- it can filter water before brewing process giving pure cup of coffee.

Size- controls quantity of coffee in a cup leaving space for milk or cream

Programmable clock-allows you to program when a cup of coffee is made.

Vacuum Coffee Makers: You rarely find a vacuum coffee maker. It produces coffee that is pure and without any sediment that may be found in drip coffee. Some people find its coffee weaker in strength whereas it is also a top choice for lovers of flavored coffee. Most of them also contain aroma and flavor settings. These are easier to clean as compared to other best coffee makers.

The Coffee Percolator: These make a strong flavored coffee as the percolator warms water by passing it through heat pump several times. This water then passes through filter basket holding coffee grounds. Each time coffee circulates, the brew strengthens. Both stovetop and electric percolators are available.

The Espresso Machine: These are specifically designed to make bold coffee drink known as espresso. Espresso is one of the most popular coffee drinks around the world. With the improvement of espresso coffee maker, it has found a home in kitchens around the world. Modern espresso makers are designed to use any type of coffee grounds including both light and dark roasts. It can make any number of espresso shots in just few minutes of time. Many models contain dual spouts allowing you to make either two separate shots at a time or single double shot. They also include adjustable shot length and many models have programmable settings available too.

Now let’s look into the best of the rest, here is a list of some of the best coffee makers of 2017.


Behmor Brazen Plus Temperature Control Coffee Maker

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7 used from $ 90.48
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as of August 16, 2017 6:26 am


  • Fully customizable, temperature control 8-cup coffee maker with pre-soak option and temperature calibration for high altitude
  • Pulsed water flow for ideal extraction; programmable pre-soak option enables coffee flavor to bloom ahead of brewing
  • Easy to operate digital controls with programmable brew start time
  • High-quality thermal carafe, stainless steel water reservoir, high capacity professional style brew basket, and reusable gold filter
  • 8-cup (1.2 liter/40 ounce) brew capacity; 2 year warranty

It’s a SCAA certified coffee maker. It is one of the 9 coffee makers are certified by SCAA.  It is soon going to be a very popular auto-drip machine as it holds features that many other advanced coffee makers don’t.  It has a Brew pause button that allows you to pause the brewing process enabling to get your cup whenever you need. And the Permanent gold tone filter is great for a rich cup of coffee.

Again an awesome feature is that it is Compatible with filter papers thus giving you pure cup of coffee with less sediment. It is BPA free therefore saves you from any harmful effects of bisphenol A; also it automatically brews a cup at a set time. Brew temperature control- you can adjust brew temperature from 190-120 degree F. Oversized shower head results in full and even coffee saturation.

Pre-infusion setting definitely makes it the best coffee maker to get you coffee anywhere between 10seconds and 2 minutes. Stainless steel water reservoir is far better than contact of water with a plastic. For more saturated coffee Pulsing shower head is useful. You can use manual brewer under the shower head to get that yummy coffee within no time. The BEHMOR BRAZEN PLUS hence features plenty of ways to control coffee brewing process. It also meets SCAA standards for making a golden cup of coffee. It comes with 2 years warranty. No doubt it is the best coffee machine one can own.


  • SCAA certified
  • BPA free
  • Thermal carafe keeps coffee hot for hours without affecting its taste
  • Calibrates temperature according to the altitude of you city.


  • It comes with a great instruction booklet but takes some time to find out how the thing works.
  • Condense buildup on reservoir and shower head is sometimes annoying.
  • Carafe pour could be better as it doesn’t pour as smoothly as Bonavita’s carafe.
  • It takes a while to brew as compared to other coffee makers and give small shots than average and you end up using more coffee grounds.

Looking at it $199 price and many other wonderful features it is better than others but in some aspects like standing at 15.5 inches tall and 8.5 inches wide it is not a small machine while Bonavita BV1900TS(11.55x10x6.75 inches) is compact.

One of it’s another unusual qualities is large LCD panel that is places in the center of its front face. This screen is hard not to notice as it is backlit by a blue light LED and is surrounded by a phalanx of square buttons. Overall its appearance is very ultramodern looking.


Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

36 new from $ 547.99
1 used from $ 751.00
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as of August 16, 2017 6:26 am


  • 15 Bar Italian Pump and 1600W Thermo coil heating system
  • Purge Function: Automatically adjusts water temperature after steam for optimal espresso extraction temperature
  • Stainless steel conical burr grinder with 1/2 lb. sealed bean hopper
  • 67 fl.oz (2L) removable water tank with handle
  • Newer model of the Breville BES860XL Barista Express

It is one of the best espresso machines. It has a powerful 1600 watt thermo heating system with 15 bar Italian pump which makes it more powerful. It produces best taste and quality of espresso in just less than 1 min. Its powerful heating system and pump makes its processor faster and effective allowing you to enjoy the exact taste of espresso you want.

It has powerful grinders that automatically grind coffee beans faster and as per requirement of strong chunky coffee to smooth fine taste. They have introduces a new innovative feature called  “Burr grinder” In old ones, bean loses its taste as soon as it gets grinded but Breville BES870XL solves this problem keeping natural taste of beans locked inside.

The purge function of this machine expels out any excess steam instead of keeping it inside, regulating water temperature equally which is a vital element for providing great taste of espresso. It comes under the hood of semi-automatic coffee machines that makes it easy to use and also allows you to control most functions, giving you total control on brewing process. Its price is $529.95


  • Fast processing
  • Powerful grinder
  • Purge function
  • Easy to clean
  • temperature control
  • Durable and solid stainless steel body.
  • Contains 2L of removable water tank with handle.


  • It takes time to understand all the functions.
  • You should run a hot shot through it before brewing.


Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Brewer and Full Pot Coffee Maker, 2-Way (49980A)

10 new from $ 52.95
7 used from $ 37.04
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as of August 16, 2017 6:26 am


  • Two ways to brew -- single cup or full 12-cup glass carafe or 14-oz travel mug (not included). Not compatible for K cups
  • Standard-size "single-serve side" water reservoir for easy, one-time filling
  • "Carafe-side" water reservoir with extra-large capacity and measurement markings "Single-serve side" Brew Basket comes with a mesh filter to hold ground coffee or pre-packaged soft pods
  • "Single-serve side" multilevel cup rest adjusts/stacks to fit all cup and mug sizes
  • Pod holder snaps onto the single-serve brew basket to hold soft pods

It’s a durable stainless steel coffee maker with its dual brewing options either as a single serve or full 12 cups of brewed coffee. Single serve brew basket can hold coffee ground or pods. You can choose flavor settings between regular and bold and can program the machine to brew up to 24 hours ahead. More features are auto shutoff after 2 hours. It comes with a pause and serve option. Its price ranges from $72-$164.99.


  • Function as a single serve and full pot coffee maker.
  • Can use grounds and pods.
  • Nonstick plate gives hot delicious coffee.
  • Looks good in kitchen.
  • Programmable in many useful features.
  • Easy to use.


  • Contains travel mug but its lid is not sealed but it is not restricted and can substitute the mug.
  • Offers only 1 year warranty.


Moccamaster KBT 10-Cup Coffee Brewer with Thermal Carafe, Polished Silver

8 new from $ 298.00
11 used from $ 192.64
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as of August 16, 2017 6:26 am


  • Manual drip-stop brew-basket with stainless steel thermal carafe
  • Exclusive copper heating element shuts off automatically after brew cycle is complete
  • Brews full or 1/2 carafe in 4-6 minutes
  • Brews at consistent 196 degree-205 degree f with a pulse action that allows for the perfect coffee bloom during extraction process
  • Ecbc, SCAA, SCAE approved

It is one of the best coffee makers of 2017 that are certified by the SCAA and SCAE. It has a sturdy and elegant design. It is most often favored by coffee experts. It brews excellent pots of drip coffee 10 cups at a time featuring 1.25 liters stainless steel thermal carafe. It keeps coffee hot for 6 hours.

It makes consistent great tasting coffee. Its water tank has a wide opening for easy water pouring and clear labeled water marking. It also provides precise coffee-water saturation time taking 4-6 minutes to completely brew a pot of coffee. Its brewing housing is made of high quality metal which ensures durability and easy cleaning. Its copper boiling element controls brewing temperature between 196 and 205 degrees F. it shuts off automatically when brewing process is complete and it doesn’t produce any noise during the brewing process. Its carafe is strong and can withstand being used in a dishwasher.

Some people claim a discrepancy in water storage gauge and problems with plastic grind holder. Some state that since this feature is manual, it may spill if you forget to close the dripper. Another minor issue is that plastic half round sheet around the carafe to hold is not permanently attached which may get loosen by the time.

  • Brew cycle is fast.
  • Thermal carafe.
  • No plastic taste or smell.
  • 5 years warranty.
  • Brew delicious coffee


  • Expensive
  • Not programmable to brew ahead of time.


One of the best pour over coffee makers of 2017 having a stunning look saddles with a sky high price. It is an automatically functioning pour over coffee maker. What make the Ratio Eight different from other drip coffee makers are the automatic bloom cycles that occur during and just-right brew temperatures. The Ratio Eight Edition makes a proper bloom completely stopping the flow of water for 30 seconds. After brewing it automatically turns off making coffee fresh and never overheated. It consists of only one plastic element that is BPA free and FDA certified for food grade applications. It takes about 7 minutes to makes full 8-cup carafe of pour over coffee. Pre-infusion and bloom process is about 30 seconds per pause. It also has grind settings. It is easy to operate. It has one on/off button that automatically starts pre-infusion and brewing process and also has icons that show where you are in the brewing process. It includes magnetic activator at the bottom of carafe to engage Ratio Eight which if it is not there, it will not brew. It gives 10 years warranty.

  • It is made of aluminum, a stainless steel shower head and a glass carafe.
  • It pre-infuses water through a Fibonacci spiral to properly bloom the coffee.
  • One simple on/off button starts brewing process.
  • beautifully designed with high-quality polished materials


  • it is fairly large and takes good counter space in your kitchen
  • no insulation
  • expensive


BUNN BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer, Black

2 new from $ 122.57
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as of August 16, 2017 6:26 am


  • Brews 4 to 10 cups (20 to 50 oz.) in about 3 minutes
  • Double wall, vacuum insulated thermal carafe keeps coffee warm for up to 2 hours
  • Unique sprayhead ensures even, complete coffee flavor extraction
  • Stainless steel internal hot water tank keeps water heated to optimal brewing temperature of 200 Degree F
  • Double-wall carafe design provides durability and is dishwasher safe

The Bunn BT Velocity brews 10 excellent quality coffee cups in just 3-4 minutes. It contains an internal hot water tank that keeps water at 200 degrees F-optimal brewing temperature, because of this device brews a pot of coffee in no time. It has a unique spray head design that creates the turbulence to wet coffee grounds evenly and extract perfect flavor. Its price is $116.95.

  • Great quality of coffee
  • Quickly brew 10 cups of coffee
  • Has a thermal carafe
  • 3 years warranty
  • Coffee comes out hot and stays hot


  • Unit is large and has a plastic look
  • Lacks controls or programmable features
  • Takes time to understand
  • No extra features like timers
  • No water-level indicator
  • Requires special Bunn filter papers


Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup Carafe Coffee Brewer, Stainless Steel

28 new from $ 115.76
33 used from $ 76.82
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as of August 16, 2017 6:26 am


  • One-touch brew operation with auto-off
  • Powerful and precise 1500-watt heater maintains optimal brewing temperature of 195 Degree-205 DegreeF (91 Degree-96 DegreeC)
  • Optional pre-infusion mode wets freshly roasted ground coffee to allow degassing before brewing
  • Flat-bottomed filter basket and larger showerhead allow for even better saturation and uniform extraction.Durable stainless steel lined thermal carafe
  • Descaling is recommended at least every 100 uses

It is one of the best coffee makers of 2017 certified by SCAA. It makes a delicious and strong coffee. It can brew 40 ounces of coffee in under 6 minutes. It features a 1500-watt heater which raises water to ideal brewing temperature of 205 degrees F. It is a well-designed showerhead distributes water evenly on the grounds for complete saturation.

Its carafe comes with a choice of glass, stainless steel or thermal carafe. It automatically pre-infuses its coffee grounds before full-blown brewing cycle. It’s a small and lightweight device that may not have many features that are available in other competing products but what it does is brews coffee in the same manner. Its price is $132.70.

  • Compact
  • Easy to clean
  • Brews faster
  • No plastic taste or smell
  • 1500-watt heater
  • Auto shutoff feature
  • SCAA certified
  • No spill thermal carafe
  • dishwasher safe
  • Optional pre-soaking


  • Cannot program ahead of time
  • Short power cord
  • Water spills through some showerhead holes
  • Boring design
  • Lacks a hot plate


Cuisinart DCC-2650 Brew Central 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

26 new from $ 65.99
3 used from $ 49.95
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as of August 16, 2017 6:26 am


  • 12-cup carafe with ergonomic handle, dripless spout and knuckle guard
  • Fully automatic with 24-hour programmability, self-clean, 1-4 cup setting and adjustable auto-shutoff (0-4 hours)
  • Adjustable carafe temperature control with high, medium & low settings
  • Brew Pause feature lets you enjoy a cup of coffee before brewing is completed
  • Gold tone commercial style permanent filter, Charcoal water filter (removes impurities)

It’s a features-packed, fully programmable and affordable 12-cup drip coffee machine. Because of its extreme brew system, it brews coffee 25% faster than average automatic dip brewers. Brew strength control allows you to get that perfect cup of coffee every time.

The large showerhead, self-cleaning, adjustable temperature heating plate, auto shut-off and brew pause features are jaw dropping specially keeping in mind the price. And to top it comes with 3 year warranty, what more we could ask for? Considering these it is a super appreciated option for small house or office kitchen. Its price is $99.95.


  • BPA free
  • Programmable
  • Huge pot
  • Charcoal water filter


  • Annoying beeps
  • Leakage
  • Slight bitter taste
  • Temperature issues


KitchenAid KCM0812OB Siphon Coffee Brewer, Onyx Black

Too low to display
6 new from $ 199.21
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as of August 16, 2017 6:26 am


  • Automated full immersion siphon brewing delivered through precise temperature and vacuum technology.
  • Brew unit stand securely holds brew unit once brewing is complete.
  • Flavor Profile: Bright and rich with a clean finish.
  • Premium glass construction with stainless steel accents.
  • Magnetic locking seal securely fastens the brew unit and carafe together.

This coffee maker features a contemporary design and brews up to 8 cups of delicious coffee. It is fully automatic and powered by electricity. It’s like a gumball machine and is no conventional drip coffee maker which is why coffee lovers prefer it and are willing to spend some good amount. It consists of two main parts: an upper brewing globe and water reservoir chamber below it. Between these two is a circular metal filter. It has a vacuum technology of coffee making therefore much called for.

It is fascinating to look as vapor pressure thrust water up to brew coffee in the globe and then filtered coffee comes back down into the carafe. It brews delicious, velvety cup of coffee with fuller body and the design offers a dramatic view of the brewing process. A separate option is available for level of filtration with reusable stainless steel for full bodied coffee or cloth filter for lighter coffee.

One thing that could be of great botheration is that takes ample of your time to clean carafe & filter and that sure gets tedious however it is offering pretty good value. Its price is $199.95.


  • Automatic
  • Attractive design
  • LED light indicator
  • 1440 Watts


  • Difficult to clean
  • Relatively pricey


Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Water Filtration, SJX33GT

21 new from $ 26.09
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as of August 16, 2017 6:26 am


  • Water Filtration Ready to remove up to 97% of chlorine* for better tasting coffee* As a result of the Mr. Coffee® water filter and brewing process. Stainless steel carafe must be purchased separately.
  • Delay Brew timer sets brew time ahead so you can wake up to fresh-brewed coffee
  • Brew Strength Selector pumps up a stronger flavor if you like it bold tasting.Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause stops cycle when you need a cup before brewing is finished
  • 2-Hour Shut Off automatically turns off coffeemaker.
  • TROUBLESHOOTING:Kindly review the user manual under product details for set up and refer page 21-23 for troubleshooting.

It is Amazon’s best seller in the coffee machine category. It is cheapest family size brewer. It has a sleek and compact design. It has a removable filter basket. Amount of water in a reservoir can be seen by a window. Functionality is pretty simple to start with. Availability of glass carafe and thermal carafe as an option is a win for majority.

It is incredible that it contains a digital clock it’s a great way to keep track of time. Also the variable heating option allows you to get perfect temperature of coffee all day long. Although some people are not much happy with the design and few complained of drips with glass carafe, despite these minor issues, it still makes a great cup of coffee with ease. As it is programmable it works well enough in an office setting or other places where people have preferences. Good for space limited areas.

For people who don’t want to spend much on a coffee maker but still want a good quality programmable dip coffee maker, it is certainly worth buying. Its price is $43.95.


  • Brew strength
  • Pause and serve function
  • Hot plate
  • Automatic shut-off after 2 hours for safety.
  • Digital clock


  • Buttons for brew strength and other options are too small
  • Difficult to fit coffee pot into the receptacle
  • Not as resilient as older models.
  • Only 1 year warranty

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